Winter ReFarming

Winter ReFarming

Beautiful time of year here, in this landscape so liberally sprinkled with almond flowers -introduced as a form of artificial snow, according to legend. Beautiful, but also challenging, in that Good Stewardship of these trees and the soil in which they grown involves a lot of work that needs doing in this short winter season, when days are short and weather unpredictable.

SO: There's a lot going on! And not much time for squinting and pecking at the computer screen…

YET: In keeping w/ my new years resolution, i am committed to keep a Farm Diary that should serve to inform interested parties (including my FutureSelf, not least of all) as to what was going on around the farm on any given week. For that purpose, i have created a new category -FarmLog- to which items such as this will be posted on a weekly basis (more or less, but that should be the norm).

To better serve this purpose, i am also cultivating the habit of using my SmartPhone to smarter advantage, as a way of capturing the moment in a DateTime-Stamped & Geo-Located picture that is easily worth 1000 words… And then sending those images into one or both of two places:

The former of these is our canonical FarmRecordKeeping system at Quinta Vale da Lama -still being developed to provide interfaces for interested parties (including customers, suppliers, and bio-certification authorities) to have access to all relevant farm records. Imgur, OTOH, is just a great place to share photos -and more importantly (what you can't really do so well in Instagram, FB etc.) tell stories with them. Integrating these two tools via links should enable me to keep these FarmLog entries reasonably brief, with further details available, in case one wants to drill down -for example, here's the rest of this week's story.