To Chip, or Not To Chip?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here’s a story-in-pix that should be worth a good ten grand: Woody Waste -> Black Gold PS to the story: We’ve still got mountains of woody waste lying around… And now we’re back into heavy pruning once again! Little branches of young soft fruit trees are not such a problem, but gnarly old wood like we have coming out of our orange orchard is another story.

Fruticulture Toughlove

Tree-Huggers that we are, it’s always hard to cut living wood, but -as Nick Lowe put it tunefully, if a bit too cutesilly- “You’ve got to be cruel to be kind,” if you hope to enjoy a good harvest. Long story to tell about this, complete with annotated pictures that i’ve uploaded to this photo album at Imgur… In the Land of Fruits & Nuts … but for the purposes of this blog, i’ll be brief.