Soil Test Methods & Tech

Having experimented with many forms of soil testing over the years, from simple DIY jar tests to the most sophisticated lab tests and everything in between, i can’t say as i’ve yet found a method that is both sufficiently rigorous AND agile enough that we can commit to doing on a broad enough scale and long enough timetable to inform good decision-making here on the farm.

That being said: this “Sector Mentor for Soils” app looks pretty promising on the face of it -and comes well-recommended by my Regrarians Workplace colleague Stephen Barrow, so i might give it a try…

… Pending satisfactory answer to my inquiry about data portability, just sent. What i’d love to hear back from the vendor is that it’s got a RESTful API to enable interoperability with other online software -particularly farmOS, which is the platform i am evaluating right now for essentially all our farm record-keeping. At the very least, it must enable easy export of any/all data in form of .CSV files; absent that, i’ll have to consider this one just another Roach Motel, alas, and walk on by.