ReFarming both Landscape and InfoScape

This blogging (given such power tools) takes so little effort… So why has it been so many weeks since last post?

No excuse, but it does seem like quite a stretch these days, between all i’ve got to do on the ground AND “in the air,” to to speak -i.e. the infosphere. Typically, i am so bushed from the former sort of work that, whenever i sit down at computer, i’ve little attention for anything much beyond essential tasks.

So it was that, this weeknd, i vowed to shift attention from things “Urgent, if not very Important” to things “Important, tho not at all Urgent” -result being that i scratched two very big personal itches -[1] in my home garden space, the [2]nd in the realm of Systems Engineering (aspect of work i most loved, in a former life) -results of which i link below… Bonus being, i still have enough energy left over to post this blog! :-)

[1] Image archive of garden works done today & yesterday morning: [2] Embed of System Map i’ve made a good star on, at