Holistic Planned Grazing 1

“Baahhh -where’d she go, my little lamb?!”

Easy as it is to lose a sheep in the forest of mums now in flower, these sheep don’t actually seem to perturbed by the lack of visibility, as they are too busy eating. These days, it is easy enough to contain them in the paddock using this “Smart Fence” which is really just quickly deployed perimeter in the form of 3 wires (charged via mains or solar battery) spooled-out around a set of step-in stakes.

But this sort of monoculture is not really the aim; what we’re aiming for is a more diverse mix of grasses, pulses, forbs etc. that will sustain the sheep not only at this particular time in spring, but all the year round.

To that end, we’re trying to keep the animals moving along lines of a Holistic Planned Grazing plan that we build up using the Holistic Management framework established by the Savory Institute… And measuring the impacts Via pasture plant diversity surveys, as in this photo gallery from our South Slope Research Plot: Spring 2019, we’re monitoring pasture health in terms of variety of species observed in the pasture.