Farm OS

Screenshot of Area page @ VdL.FarmOS.Net It’s taken a bit of doing -tho less pain that i expected, thanks to good help of Developer Mike Stenta [1]- but i finally got an instance of Farm OS loaded up with all the landplots on our farm, at least in terms of high-level definitions. I’ve set up a visitor account with read-only privs at (login/pass = Visit0r/Visit0r), so you can check out the interface and browse around the data (including interactive map), if you like.

Next step in this evaluation will be to populate the other datatypes -Assets & Logs, most importantly- with some real data, to see how this system can support management of the most important data related to our farm’s ops, if indeed it can. Promising as it seems right now, i must reserve judgement until i see if this software can serve with minimal friction the critical mass of functions we’re going to need, if the system is to deliver benefits sufficient to warrant the effort we must put into maintaining it. Am looking for a total solution here, not another pigeonhole to store data i’m already managing elsewhere (been down that road too many times before, and life’s too short to make such a mistake again!)

So: my challenge now is to scope my test implementation small enough in reach to pose relatively little risk, yet comprehensive enough in depth that we can exercise all the system’s features, to realise its promise as a “Total Solution.” I hope!

Meanwhile: If you or anyone you know has any experience of FarmOS worth sharing, then i’d really love to hear from you (i am Walt -always accessible through

[1] Gotta close out here with a word of thanks to FarmOS Dev/ Farmier host Mike Stenta, who has been a terrific source of support -always there on the #farmOS channel at Mike, you’re a brick… And, come what may of this software eval, i strongly suspect that i -and probably most of the ReFarmers out there- are going to wind up running your software sooner or later; it’s just a question of when (FOSS always wins in the end :-)