Celebrating… Life!

Irrigated zone of farm, from above

The life of a ReFarmer tends to be so busy, one loses all perspective at times. So: here i am, “up before the chickens,” as it were -often the only time i can find in a day to address the pile of unanswered emails- when the long list in my inbox went all fuzzy, so i couldn’t bring myself to focus, and i found myself staring motionless at the screen so long, my screensaver kicked in. It’s a cool program, in fact: a plugin to MacOS called “ArtSaver,” that i have configured to display a random sequence of images pulled out of my chosen folder -a set of aerial farm views, shot by my son last month via drone- hovering lazily over each image, with a slow (20 second) Ken Burns zoom effect. Very cool; wish i could share the experience somehow.

And i felt something i don’t feel nearly often enough, but i guess you could call it a Celebration impulse. But it didn’t come from me, because -heaven knows- i am not much of a celebrant. Certainly not in the sense of party animal (did my time in that incarnation; these days i hit the rack well before creatures of the night come alive), and neither in the “Dragon Dreaming” semse of giving due recognition to both significant accomplishments and (ahem!) “learning experiences.”

Still: staring into my screen as these images of our current farmscape drifted by, i could not help but reflect back on The Way It Was at the beginning of this decade, and i could not help but acknowledge: there’s more life in this place now (although everyone was asleep in their beds when these images were shot, the morning after our Despertar open day/ party night :-) than there was back in 2010. Definitely!

Flying right in the face of Thermodynamics 2nd Law, this farm may be an upstream eddy of complexing life in an ever-blackening universe… But it sure feels good to be here, committed to ride this wave to its logical conclusion, be that where&when it may.