Data visualisation 1

R, Shiny
Until i can figure out how this business of Shiny app publishing, i guess i’m stuck with the old-school method of saving graphics out of RStudio and pasting them into documents, like this post. My workflow on this operation is: copy the image of plot as visualised in RStudio; paste it into my desktop image editor, to make any needed adjustments; upload it from there to, which is the best online image host i have found; then paste code Imgur provides for my choice of image rendering size into the .

Shiny app publishing

R, Shiny
Met this morning with Franceso (my R dev collaborator and coach), and we got our Shiny app working well enough that i am very keen to publish it on the web. Much easier said than done! It’s pretty bandwidth intensive, as it is crunching a pretty large volume of data, and just doesn’t seem up to the task. So we’re looking for alternatives. Only one i know about right now is rpubs.