Mainly for my FutureSelf, but also for any interested party, this is a little HowTo explainer about some useful but non-obvious features of BlogDown that i may not remember in the moment how to use -so i can get back up to speed on it quickly.


This is not intended as comprehensive documentation -for that, see [references] below, but rather a form of scaffolding that should serve for now, and grow as i learn new methods that i expect to be using more in future.


Tool Chain: the essential technologies:

  • In the cloud: GitHub and Netlify
  • Desktop standards: RStudio with Blogdown plugin (including Hugo framework and Lithium theme)
  • Desktop options: FoldingText and MacDown

Writing in Markdown

Posting to Blog

Inserting Images

Writing a Page

Embedding a Map

Here’s another view of the same map, with overview panel:

For Further Reference:

  • BlogDown: the book, the gitHub repo, the author’s blog
  • Hugo templating system, Lithium theme
  • RStudio